extensive marine facilities

The Launch is a major cornerstone facility for the Canadian oceans ecosystem. A modern, multi-million-dollar facility with state-of-the-art research and development infrastructure, it also provides a remote operations centre and wharf access, along with spaces for workshops, training, meetings, and lectures — everything required to support industry and academia in research and evaluating offshore deployment and commercialization readiness.


Direct Ocean Access

The Launch features sheltered access to the Atlantic Ocean with an extensive marginal wharf, finger pier, slipway and floating docks in clean, year-round cold-water conditions of Holyrood Harbour.


Fleet of work vessels for academic and applied research and development and access to larger platforms through collaborative partnerships with industry and government.


2000m of laydown space and 230m of berthage.


Graduated water depths from 2 to 7m directly around the wharf to 85m at the head of Holyrood Bay.


Full service industrial wharf facilities, including dock crane, power and water supply and protected berthage, all in a secure, gated work area.


Autonomous Testbed

The Launch features a completely calibrated, digitally connected living lab environment for technology development, testing, validation and demonstration that supports applied research and commercialization of new technologies and solutions in marine and related sectors, including testing and validation a wide range of novel ocean sensors and subsea platforms.


Acceleration of the Technology Readiness Pipeline, from concept to commercialization.


Access to safe, reliable, deep-water near-Arctic conditions.


Supported by remote operations and digital twin capacity and a state of the art communications system


The Launch Toolkit

The Launch provides shared access to an extensive range of autonomous surface vehicles, metaocean buoys, autonomous and remotely operated vehicles, and gliders to broaden the depth and enhance the capacity of those training on or applying these unique technologies in a variety of marine applications.


SR-Endurance 8.0, 8m autonomous surface vehicle is designed for year-round operation in and around Newfoundland and Labrador and can accommodate a suite of interchangeable payloads to support R&D, skills development and regulatory considerations in the Marine Autonomous Ships Systems (MASS) sector.


NATO DIANA Test Centre

The Launch is a test centre for NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic network (DIANA), providing cutting-edge infrastructure where companies and researchers can de-risk, demonstrate and validate dual-use technologies for both defence and civilian purposes.


Smart Atlantic

The Launch is home to SmartAtlantic, the largest applied ocean observatory system in Canada, and data provider to the Canadian Integrated Ocean Observation System (CIOOS). SmartAlantic’s open access platform provides vital ocean observing information in key areas of ocean research including fisheries and ocean management, climate change and ocean safety.


Realtime Date for more informed operational decisions.


Versatile expandable platform.


Broad geographic coverage for maritime sectors.


Holyrood Subsea Observatory

The Holyrood Subsea Observatory delivers real-time monitoring of the ocean and marine life in Conception Bay, NL. A partnership between the Marine Institute and Oceans Networks Canada, the observatory provides a development, testing, and demonstration facility for subsea instrumentation intended for harsh environment operations and is expandable for a variety of research and monitoring needs.


Data openly available in real time.


Ocean observation data at 85m water depths


Holyrood Subsea Observatory


Remote Operations Centre

Industry and partners can access The Launch’s Remote Operations Centre for remote support operations, workforce skills development and enhanced operational efficiency.


Workshops, meeting and training spaces, laydown areas

Clients at The Launch can avail of five large bay workshops with access to wharf front in our gated, secure laydown areas along with meetings rooms, lecture rooms and large central areas with amazing vistas overlooking Holyrood harbour.