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The Launch building under construction

The Launch Has Arrived

The Launch is the Marine Institute’s hub of ocean innovation, discovery, and leadership, providing a collaborative and inclusive space for Canada's ocean stakeholders and rights holders to operationalize the vital technology needed to support ocean health and economic prosperity from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Located in Holyrood, NL, with direct access to the Northwest Atlantic Ocean and one of the harshest marine environments in the world, The Launch is ideally located to mobilize Canadian and Arctic Ocean research-if it works here, it will work everywhere.

Holyrood, NL, Northwest Atlantic Ocean

Education, training, research, and industrial support for ocean industries.

Holyrood, NL, Northwest Atlantic Ocean

A safe, reliable, near-Arctic environment to test, train and explore the next advancements in ocean research - in, on and under the water. 

Holyrood, NL, Northwest Atlantic Ocean

Collaborative access to a comprehensive suite of ocean focused resources for industry, researchers, and academia.

Holyrood, NL, Northwest Atlantic Ocean

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