User Access Policy

Access to limited resources is evaluated based on scientific excellence, potential for multi-disciplinary collaborations, opportunities for HQP participation and knowledge mobilization.


Proposals received are evaluated through merit review, conducted an any independent boy with representatives from stakeholder groups that include industry, academia, the Memorial University user community and Marine Institute facility leadership.


A defined fee schedule is publicly available and identifies general access costs for short, medium and long-term project execution. Fees are evaluated and established annually by MI’s Executive Committee.


Recognizing the diversity of its user base the varying levels of data access required for technology development, facility data is managed through individual contract arrangements. The Marine Institute and The Launch subscribe to an open access data model and encourage the use of SmartAtlantic and CIOOS in data management plans for projects at the facility.

For projects where this is not possible, users can contract ownership and access rights to data collected under the terms and conditions of individual projects.  All data collected as a part of MI’s ocean observation activities is made openly available to its user community.

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