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  • User Access Policy | The Launch

    User Access Policy Access to limited resources is evaluated based on scientific excellence, potential for multi-disciplinary collaborations, opportunities for HQP participation and knowledge mobilization. Proposals received are evaluated through merit review, conducted an any independent boy with representatives from stakeholder groups that include industry, academia, the Memorial University user community and Marine Institute facility leadership. A defined fee schedule is publicly available and identifies general access costs for short, medium and long-term project execution. Fees are evaluated and established annually by MI’s Executive Committee. Recognizing the diversity of its user base the varying levels of data access required for technology development, facility data is managed through individual contract arrangements. The Marine Institute and The Launch subscribe to an open access data model and encourage the use of SmartAtlantic and CIOOS in data management plans for projects at the facility. ​ For projects where this is not possible, users can contract ownership and access rights to data collected under the terms and conditions of individual projects. All data collected as a part of MI’s ocean observation activities is made openly available to its user community.

  • The Launch | Programs and Services

    Programs and Services Featuring extensive marine facilities, The Launch provides a safe, reliable, near-Arctic environment to test new technology, train in the harshest conditions, and explore the next advancements in ocean research - in, on and under the water. Centre for Applied Ocean Technology The research and development arm of MI’s School of Ocean Technology, CTec supports projects that promote the adoption of technology in the ocean sector and provides users with technical expertise and extensive experience working in collaboration with other leading organizations and researchers in ocean technology and observation. Offshore Safety and Survival Centre The Offshore Safety and Survival Centre (OSSC) offers a comprehensive range of safety and emergency response training courses to the offshore petroleum, marine transportation, fishing and land-based industries. Courses delivered at the centre are accredited or approved by national and international regulatory or other external approving agencies and the quality of training delivery is assured by a staff of more than 40 highly qualified and experienced instructors. SmartAtlantic The Launch is home to SmartAtlantic , the largest applied ocean observation system in Canada, and data provider to the Canadian Integrated Ocean Observation System (CIOOS). SmartAtlantic’s open access platform provides vital ocean observing information in key areas of ocean research including fisheries and ocean management, climate change and ocean safety. Holyrood Subsea Observatory The Holyrood Subsea Observatory delivers real-time monitoring of the ocean and marine life in Conception Bay, NL. A partnership between the Marine Institute and Ocean Networks Canada the observatory provides a development, testing, and demonstration facility for subsea instrumentation intended for harsh environment operations and is expandable for a variety of research and monitoring needs. SmartBay Holyrood SmartBay Holyrood is a multi-purpose, cold ocean technology development, testing, validation and demonstration facility to support applied research and commercialization of new ocean and subsea technologies.

  • The Launch Community | The Launch

    The Launch Community PanGeo PanGeo Subsea is a marine geophysical-geotechnical service delivery company specializing in high resolution true 3D volumetric acoustic imaging solutions to mitigate risk in offshore installations. Memorial University As Newfoundland and Labrador’s only university, Memorial has a special obligation to the people of this province. CTec At the Centre for Applied Ocean Technology (CTec) we collaborate with industry and others on the development and application of technology for the practical benefit of all sectors of the maritime community. OSSC The Offshore Safety and Survival Centre (OSSC) offers a comprehensive range of safety and emergency response training courses to the offshore petroleum, marine transportation, fishing and land based industries. 4D Oceans Lab The 4D OCEANS Lab's research focuses on mapping the spatial complexity of the ocean from the seafloor to the surface. Ocean SuperCluster Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is an industry-led, national ocean cluster that’s growing the ocean economy in a digital, sustainable, and inclusive way. Ocean Frontier Institute A transnational hub for ocean research, the Ocean Frontier Institute brings together experts from both sides of the North Atlantic to explore the vast potential of the world’s ocean. SubC Imaging SubC Imaging’s mission is to continuously create the most technologically advanced and intelligent subsea imaging equipment and software for marine research, offshore oil and gas, aquaculture, fisheries, and other industries.

  • Fee Schedule | The Launch

    Fee Schedule Fee Schedule

  • The Launch | Leadership Team

    Leadership Team Paul Brett Vice-President of Memorial University (Marine Institute) pro tempore Laurie Skinner Associate Vice-president (Administration and Finance) Kelley Santos Director, The Launch Cody Garlie Director, Offshore Safety and Survival Centre Greg Moss Manager, Facilities and Technical Services

  • The Launch | Contact Us

    Contact Us Kelley Santos Director, Holyrood Marine Base Email: Tel: 709-778-0636 Social Media

  • The Launch | Ocean Innovation Hub | Newfoundland

    The Launch Has Arrived The Launch is the Marine Institute’s hub of ocean innovation, discovery, and leadership, providing a collaborative and inclusive space for Canada's ocean stakeholders and rights holders to operationalize the vital technology needed to support ocean health and economic prosperity from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Located in Holyrood, NL, with direct access to the Northwest Atlantic Ocean and one of the harshest marine environments in the world, The Launch is ideally located to mobilize Canadian and Arctic Ocean research-if it works here, it will work everywhere. About Education, training, research, and industrial support for ocean industries. Programs and Services A safe, reliable, near-Arctic environment to test, train and explore the next advancements in ocean research - in, on and under the water. Facilities Collaborative access to a comprehensive suite of ocean focused resources for industry, researchers, and academia. Contact Us Looking to avail of our facilities, resources and expertise? Contact us!

  • How to Access the Facility | The Launch

    How to Access the Facility Welcome to The Launch and a community of stakeholders and rights holders that are working in collaboration to sustainably manage our oceans. Access to is arranged through the negotiation and execution of individual project contracts, in consultation with the facility’s Director to coordinate the facilities, resources and technical expertise required. Expressions of interest for facility use are generated through discussions with the Director, who manages the scheduling of users. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of research interests and the potential for conflicts regarding access to space, resources and technical support, the Director consults with an access committee to evaluate proposed project requests.

  • The Launch | Events

    Events Propelling the Blue Economy: Connecting our Oceans, Our People, Our Future November 23-25, 2021

  • The Launch | About

    About The Launch Strategically located at the most southerly point of for the Labrador current, The Launch is adjacent to some of the coldest, most pristine waters in the world, offering access to deep water, cold ocean research and development, almost year-round. Designed to support a comprehensive approach to ocean research, The Launch provides access to vessels, technology, technical expertise and collaborative partnerships, creating an ideal environment to further Canada’s Blue Economy Strategy and support opportunities presented by the UN Decade of Ocean Science. About the Marine Institute A campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, the Fisheries and Marine Institute (Marine Institute) is Canada’s most comprehensive centre for education, training, applied research, and industrial support for ocean industries. As one of the most respected centers for marine learning and applied research in the world, the Marine Institute is a hub of innovation, discovery, learning, leadership, and collaboration. Within Memorial University, the Marine Institute is the portal to the ocean for industry, educators, government, and researchers. The Marine Institute is a future focused organization that offers an unparalleled breadth of research, training, and academic expertise across the oceans sectors with over 30 industry-driven programs, ranging from technical certificates to PhDs.

  • The Launch | News

    News ‘Portal to the ocean’: Partnership with Marine Institute allows for game-changing innovation ‘Technological marvel’: MI acquires autonomous surface vessel for training, research Ocean watch: Marine Institute launches underwater ocean observatory in Conception Bay Shared Vision: Marine Institute, Holyrood build ‘portal to the sea’ Ocean Investment: $8.5 million in provincial-federal funding for Marine Institute expansion at Holyrood

  • The Launch | Facilities

    Facilities The Launch provides the Canadian ocean research community with the capability and capacity to capitalize on the dynamic and often scalable environment required to deliver leading-edge research in applied ocean science. With collaborative and inclusive access to a comprehensive suite of ocean focused resources for faculty, students, researchers, and private industry, The Launch provides a unique contribution to ocean science through a ‘one-stop shop’ for ocean exploration. ​ The Launch includes: 36,000 ft2 multi-purpose building with large, high bay workshops with access to wharf and Command and Control Centre 6,000 ft2 building for observation and management Industry and Academic spaces with laboratories, classrooms, conference, office and collaboration spaces Sheltered access to Atlantic Ocean via marginal wharf and finger pier in clean, year-round cold-water conditions of Holyrood Harbour A Marine Fleet with a variety of work vessels available for academic and R&D purposes

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