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About The Launch

Strategically located at the most southerly point of for the Labrador current, The Launch is adjacent to some of the coldest, most pristine waters in the world, offering access to deep water, cold ocean research and development, almost year-round.


Designed to support a comprehensive approach to ocean research, The Launch provides access to vessels, technology, technical expertise and collaborative partnerships, creating an ideal environment to further Canada’s Blue Economy Strategy and support opportunities presented by the UN Decade of Ocean Science.

About the Marine Institute

A campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, the Fisheries and Marine Institute (Marine Institute) is Canada’s most comprehensive centre for education, training, applied research, and industrial support for ocean industries. As one of the most respected centers for marine learning and applied research in the world, the Marine Institute is a hub of innovation, discovery, learning, leadership, and collaboration. Within Memorial University, the Marine Institute is the portal to the ocean for industry, educators, government, and researchers.


The Marine Institute is a future focused organization that offers an unparalleled breadth of research, training, and academic expertise across the oceans sectors with over 30 industry-driven programs, ranging from technical certificates to PhDs.

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